If you have a valuable brand, then you should take steps to protect that brand. Getting trade mark protection for your brand will make it more difficult for others to trade on your name or reputation.

The good news is that getting trade mark protection may not be as expensive or difficult as you think. And the adoption by New Zealand of the Madrid Protocol makes it even easier and cheaper for businesses to get trade mark protection in countries all around the world.

The Madrid system allows brand owners to seek trade mark protection in multiple countries around the world. If you have a trade mark application or registration, then you can use the system to seek protection in Australia, China, the United States, the European Union, and many other countries.

The main advantages of the new system are that it is cheaper and involves fewer formalities. There are some drawbacks, and the Madrid system won’t work for everyone. But it could be a good way for export-focused businesses to protect their brands globally without incurring massive expense.

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